Option 1:   If you purchased a ticket from our site thru INSTANTSEATS, you do not need a reservation.
Your tickets guarantee you a seat.  Individual ticket price vary depending on who the performer is.
Tribute Show tickets are $20 per person.   So a party of 15 would be $300 in tickets.

Option 2:   If you need to purchase tickets, from our Home page click “GET TICKETS”


Click here to get the  PARTY INFORMATION FORM

PARTY FEES/DEPOSIT (Non Refundable):   ($25  per 5 people)    + 50% Party Admissions Cost 

The non-Refundable Party fee is the cost to reserve your seats together as a party.
If there is an admission fee for the time/date you are attending, you will need to
pay for 50% of the tickets for your party; the remaining 50% will due upon arrival.

We do not oversell, so your seats will be reserved for your guests, and they will still need to purchase entry tickets.
You must call 832-965-5580, to pay your party fee, then all of your guests
can purchase their entry tickets online, or at the door.

Parties of  1   to   5 =  pay $  25
Parties of  6   to 10 =  pay $  50
Parties of  11 to 15 =  pay $  75
Parties of  16 to 20 =  pay $100
Parties of  21 to 25 =  pay $125

*Please, don’t forget to let us know the TIME your Party will arrive*
*If your party is for the early show, and you are in a premium row,
if we need the space for second show guests, you will be asked to
relocate, or leave to make room for new guests.